How To Repel Rats At Home Cheaply

Just this month, 153 people have died of Leptospirosis. This disease is plaguing our country for years and has claimed men, women and children. This is the result of people getting infected by having contact with rat urine which is prevalent since widespread flooding has begun, and thousands of lives is at stake.

I was doing a little research and prayed that God would lead me to a solution. Just the other night, I was reading Nikola Tesla’s biography and some people who contributed to society by their discoveries, and I came about a solution called, “Carbolic Acid.”

Carbolic Acid is used for treating wounds so people won’t get infected to avoid amputation. Now, this may be quite unrelated but it is when I Google searched this chemical. While typing on the search bar, Carboxylic Acid turned up unexpectedly which controls rat infestation.

Carboxylic Acid, on the other hand, is also quite unrelated but has given me a clue about on how to make vinegar. Further search gave me the answer that the cheap, old remedy  vinegar is something that rats flee from because of its smell and acidic nature.

Finally, I found proof that vinegar will keep rats away from homes especially where families live. Another good thing about this is its affordability, environment friendly while very effective on repelling rats for poorer communities.

Please check this link: Vinegar Keep Rats Away.


One Engine Jet Airplane

I remember the time when we were visiting our family abroad and sitting inside the airport for hours waiting for the airplane to arrive. There is this huge window that gives a view of the planes taxing outside a sunny day.

While waiting for the doctor appointment, I saw this newly designed electric fan that blows air from a tube below as a base, upwards and horizontally beside are small holes that pushes the air outwards. Then, it struck me. Why not build a single jet engine at the rear of an airplane which pulls air from vents at the sides. This will lessen the energy to lift the plane.

Here is a rendering of a crude design I built:

One Engine Jet

2D Rendering of a one-engine commercial jet airplane.


Here is a more accurate 3-D rendering.


Raspberry Pi Like Laptop

I’ve been dabbling previously with a Raspberry Pi single-board computer, and amazed on how this tiny computer can do so many things. You can add sensors like temperature sensor to monitor the environment and record this in a file where you can review its data. Or, you can attach a servo so you can turn on the light switch by Tweeting a command online, anywhere!

The only problem is it is a mini desktop and you need to plug it in an electrical outlet. Therefore, portability is a problem.

An idea just switched on me since Raspberry Pi is an Internet Of Things computer, why not create a laptop that has IO board you can attach to a USB port or Thunderbolt ports, and you can now use this laptop just like a Raspberry Pi!

This is super useful for students and teachers alike, and it would be great to do so much more and even save the world!

Save Lives During Flooding

Last year, I remember riding on a plane to Belgium to have our family reunion. Before taking off, there was a short video on how to use the life vest in an eventuality the plane crashes to the sea. It is located under the seats and it inflates just seconds by pulling two cords.

Now, I wonder if all cars and houses have these life vests in an event where there is terrible flooding. We all know this is already the norm during a rain storm, especially in our country in the Pacific.

If putting these inexpensive life vests to save millions of lives, then what is stopping us?

One-Push Button Pocket WIFI

We need a secure, easy to use mobile WIFI that we can bring anywhere. These are the things I would like for a prepaid pocket dongle:

-Dual-SIM: Where you can use any provider you want, prepaid or postpaid.

-One-push button load: We know that Amazon championed the Dash buttons where you can buy laundry soap at a push of a single button, and they will deliver it to you. When your mobile data is empty, you can just fill it up by a similar one-push button. That’s convenience! (mostly for emerging markets).

-Removable battery.

Here is a render of that one button pocket WIFI:

Plastic Bicycle

I’ve always love riding a bike because it’s exhilarating and fun. It’s also a good exercise to warm up your cardio and even load up some groceries on your way home. But, you’ve seen them all. They are all made up of metal iron parts. The problem is it’s heavy and you can’t bring it anywhere where you can’t ride it. A better approach is to use plastics as its material. Plastics are durable nowadays and very light. You can even use colored plastics that light up at night. You can make it modular where you can just break it apart into smaller bits (3D printed?) Even an electric one?

Anyway, a good idea which I hope will be put to good use.

Airplane Parachute

Parachutes have been around since it was invented in the 1900s, which was patented by Stefan Banic and later sold the patent to the U.S. military. Stefan is a Slovakian who witnessed an airplane crash killing the pilot. This inspired him to put his inventive mind to use, and so made an umbrella-like parachute that reduces drag when falling from the sky and landing the person to safety. It was once thought that some people saw him jump in a barn wearing a skirt, which is what they would have thought and find it funny. Most people invent things to make money, which this man thought he would like before, but after a plane crashed in his sight, it changed him. He invented this not for money, but to save lives.

Well, I thought if you want to save the lives of crashing commercial airplanes, then at least put several parachutes at the back. The running engine that will push the parachutes from air, which will help reduce the drag and land the airplane to safety:

Airplane Parachutes

Fernando L. Cuevas Jr.