Location, Location, Location

Bill Gates posted on LinkedIn about two comparisons between a woman who lives in U.S. and a woman who lives in Africa. Then, he showed some data of the two that tells about how many hurdles or struggles in order to achieve success. The woman in the U.S. have small hills to climb initially, then plateaus in the middle and at the end of the graph. Then, the woman in Africa has these mountains to climb on every achievement she must gain up to the end to claim success. This data of the two shows the importance of geography.

Opportunities are different on where you live. A person who was born in a third world country has much mountains to climb in order to achieve success. It is a struggle just to finish adequate education, stomach to fill and a sanitary house with clean water, and employment. People there struggle to sell products that uses technology (non-essential goods) than selling food to eat. Pricing also plays an important factor in selling products, for it must be cheap enough that the public can afford.

In conclusion, the difference of where you are and what you sell largely depend on location. The place where to put up your shop also plays a pivotal role to your business’ success. But, that’s another story…

As a prudent man once said, “Location, location, location.”

The Idea Machine

If only there is this kind of machine that spews out ideas of any invention. Could we make one? Could we engineer a machine that could think and answer the riddles in life? If only there is one, but there are none.

Man is a machine, but a machine that thinks. God created the mind that capture fragments of His own, but will never truly surpass the Creator. We should accept we are inferior, a little higher than the animals. Though our mind is powerful, but is limited. We could only create the small things in this universe but can not fathom our existence. Only Him knows everything even the largest in endless.

The idea machine is truly a work of genius. Genius only to fools. But, fools are geniuses in their own right IF done right. So, we must not be fools and use common sense above all. In the Bible, an expensive education is useless without such common sense.

We are the idea machine but can never build or invent one.

As Ada Lovelace once said, “A machine can never truly think.”

It Just Fit

Don’t you ever wonder that sometimes when looking for jeans in a store and after countless hours trying it out in the fitting room, you find something that fits very well, you’ll even say, “Perfect!” It’s like coincidence; it’s like the universe conspired for you to have those jeans and everything just “fit?”

The place where you are, the career that you have, your relationships, your friends, you must fit, or else there will be tension. If you don’t fit, you should expect problems, disputes, and stress, then eventually persecution and war ensure. The question is are you ready to fight the good fight? Or, just fold and be like others? That depends.

If you truly believe that what you’re doing is worth the fight, then fight. Fighting without shedding any blood is what I mean. It’s like fighting defensively not offensively. Being in the offense will lead to bad outcome for both parties. Yes, it’s almost in every case. If your talent fit with what you’re doing, it just mean that it’s the right decision, and it’s worth every energy that you have for that purpose because you are born to fulfill that purpose. It’s what you’re supposed to do; it’s the “Why” you are here. It’s destiny.


A good foundation should be the basis of all things. When you build a house, the first thing to do is make a sturdy base. Workers dig up the soil then put on cement that covers all which the house will be built upon. From there, a house built on solid foundation makes it firm and stand the test of time.

What you believe in must have a good foundation so any attacks of doubt and uncertainty will not hinder you from going forward. It is that basis which is important. Our values and beliefs are what makes us inspire others and get others to action. It is the reason of our existence, and with that reason we base all our words and actions.

In the Bible, it says that you should not build your house on sand. When the storm come, the house will collapse. But, when you build your house upon a rock, even storms cannot make it tremble. In the same way, in any business, you should build it on a firm foundation.

Since I am in the software business, the source code you build should have a reliable foundation. Like Linux, the kernel is the most important component in an operating system. If the software runs on top from a stable kernel, it is harder for viruses to cripple the system since you need to be root to access system files. In short, the core or foundation should be solid and not liquid. If the kernel is weak, everything on top of it will fall and that’s a terrible fall!

Therefore, in any product, idea, innovation, every relationship, or in academics and studying, we must have a firm foundation that will be the core of everything we must design from.



We have to put reason in our lives, and not just in our products. If we don’t reason, we don’t get to where we are going. In short, we get stuck. We are living in limbo. No place to go. And, it’s sad for people to live a life in void. Therefore, we have to have reason in our lives.

Why are we doing what we are doing? I happen to learn about Mr. Simon Sinek on Linkedin and Youtube having TED Talks, and I’m learning to live a life on first asking, “Why?” Not, “What?” nor “How?,” but “Why?” Later, I found out that only the Potter who makes the clay pot knows the, “why.” As human beings, limited as we are, and faulty, we only ask the “why” from our Creator. For, only the Creator knows this reason.

When we make things, we make it because we know what is it for. Or else, it’s useless. A product comes into being because there is a reason, and that reason is not hidden. We could see it on advertising, all around us. If we don’t know a product is for, then why buy it? We MUST know the WHY and we MUST know the REASON for being. Not only material things but also about ourselves. Then, we became fully aware and laser-focused on why we wake up every morning to do what we are supposed to do. Fully inspired, motivated and fulfilled in every good work we do everyday.



It’s hard to put your mind into something you are not created for. You will often make mistakes, thus having poor results. Having poor results leads to angry bosses and an unfulfilled life, especially if you’re going to do it for fifty years. Retirement is a long way off, and it should be the journey that’s important not just the destination.

If you ask the maker of a mug what is it for, he would tell you it’s for coffee. Obviously, it’s not for cleaning the floor right? Only the maker of the mug knows what it is created for, its purpose. It’s pointless for the mug to be forced into doing work for cleaning the floor, and it’s ridiculous! Why would you use something that is not supposed to do?

For people, the same is true. It is imperative to know our purpose before pouring your whole life to it, or else we became angry and frustrated. So, to know our purpose the earlier the better. We can invest our precious time on things we really enjoy and have a fulfilling life.

No one else can say what our purpose is except for the Maker. Only the maker of things knows exactly what it is for and no one else. Just like the mug, the maker of that mug knows only that it is created for coffee, and thus doing as it supposed to do will therefore fulfill it’s own purpose.

Inventions That Help Others

What is an invention that doesn’t help others? Garbage. An invention is created in this world with a purpose, and that purpose needs to meet a person’s need. There are thousands, or maybe millions of inventions created in a day; so many products born every day that will just be bought and go to waste. So, the question is what invention that will last?

As I look around my room, and all those stuff I bought during my lifetime, I would definitely choose top ten products that I use the most often. One would be my bed, a pillow, a blanket. Then, my chair which I sit almost all the time typing on my computer. Then, my coffee cup filled with hot coffee. And, my electric fan; headphones; some clothes; our house; a tablet computer for reading books, and using it as an alarm clock; some medicines; pencil and a notebook. And, that’s more than ten already!

I don’t know about you, but I think some products I mentioned have something in common for us each person. These inventions are relevant for our survival, need, fulfillment, and are essential in our daily lives. We cannot live without these, and that makes an invention, “Great!” For the inventors made these things not only for themselves, but also to help others. Improve on those and it will definitely make our lives better.