Plastic Bicycle

I’ve always love riding a bike because it’s exhilarating and fun. It’s also a good exercise to warm up your cardio and even load up some groceries on your way home. But, you’ve seen them all. They are all made up of metal iron parts. The problem is it’s heavy and you can’t bring it anywhere where you can’t ride it. A better approach is to use plastics as its material. Plastics are durable nowadays and very light. You can even use colored plastics that light up at night. You can make it modular where you can just break it apart into smaller bits (3D printed?) Even an electric one?

Anyway, a good idea which I hope will be put to good use.

Airplane Parachute

Parachutes have been around since it was invented in the 1900s, which was patented by Stefan Banic and later sold the patent to the U.S. military. Stefan is a Slovakian who witnessed an airplane crash killing the pilot. This inspired him to put his inventive mind to use, and so made an umbrella-like parachute that reduces drag when falling from the sky and landing the person to safety. It was once thought that some people saw him jump in a barn wearing a skirt, which is what they would have thought and find it funny. Most people invent things to make money, which this man thought he would like before, but after a plane crashed in his sight, it changed him. He invented this not for money, but to save lives.

Well, I thought if you want to save the lives of crashing commercial airplanes, then at least put several parachutes at the back. The running engine that will push the parachutes from air, which will help reduce the drag and land the airplane to safety:

Airplane Parachutes

Fernando L. Cuevas Jr.


Inventions of All Time

An idea came up to me to post all the inventions that changed our lives and the things we can’t live without. Every morning, we wake up and use these tools that shaped the modern era, and simply we can’t ignore these tools that has become part of our daily lives. I will also be citing its unique qualities that makes it useful. Giving you some historical information about the inventor, his traits and accomplishments, so we can learn from them and be our inspiration. For all of us are inventors, we just don’t know it.

Turning Cars

This is how cars should turn. You can fit in cramped spaces and park easily. I think controlling the car’s steering wheels electronically is much safer than controlling it mechanically. Computations are much more exact than mechanical steering which causes a lot of accidents.

Raspberry Pi Robots! Looks so cool that kids will love.

3D Hologram LED TV

I was searching for projects using the Arduino when I came about this YouTube video published by VECT. It looks interesting since you can put LED lights in a cube which you can control using as simple Arduino. Imagine making these same LED lights smaller like found on LED TVs, and making them like this cube.

I think this will produce a Holographic TV where you can view it in many angles like looking at a human’s face’s front, back, side, and on different angles. 

The future of tech is interesting.

YouTube Video by:


Rolling Platform

Mostly, you have seen transporters that have two wheels like the hoverboard, and the Segway. The difficulty lies on balancing the device since it got two wheels. Thus, four wheels is much stable.

You saw this that looked like what Amazon is using in their warehouses. The main difference is they are used for transporting heavy loads for warehouse use and it has AI. Mine’s a consumer device that you can use for transportation.

The construction is simple and it needs some shock absorbers for terrain adaption. There is a cable that you can hold and press buttons to move forward, right and left. Yes, it has ‘tank’ like wheels but is limited to four for conservation. I didn’t do the math if it needs a 24 volts motor or 12 volts should be sufficient.

Basically, this is just a rough draft of a cool idea.

Fernando L. Cuevas Jr.