I may sound like I’m endorsing a product, but yeah I am (and the title rhymes).

In the news, I read that the government is improving our light rail
transit and that is good news! Why? You don’t have the slightest idea on
how hard to use the public train in our country:

  • Always late because there is not enough trains.
  • It stops on mid-way because of brown-outs.
  • No air conditioning. Sometimes it does work, and sometimes it
    doesn’t. If it doesn’t, we are drenched in perspiration (sweat) all

I cannot solve the first two, but the last one maybe I could help a little.

I have been biking almost entirely in life, and it’s easy to sweat
out in our tropical country. However, I hate the smell it produces, and
so I went to a store and saw a body cooling spray cologne.

Cooling Spray Cologne

I tried it and it fairly cooled my body immediately and I smell good too to boot. But, the problem when you need to spray your back, you must hold
it upright. So, the solution was is to cut the tube inside the
container; hold it upside down and spray.


Spray Mechanism Tube

by Fernando L. Cuevas Jr.