In times of calamity like hurricanes and storms, people need potable drinking water from a good source which is rain. Rain is potable, meaning you could drink it. But because of air pollution, rain produces acid rain which is toxic by pollutants released into the air by coal-powered plants and factories. So, you must remember to wait for about 30 minutes to clear the air of pollution when it is already

It is also easy to build a device that collects water from rain for drinking.

You will need:

  • A funnel. You could also use banana leaves and turn it into a funnel.
  • Hose. You could also use bamboo hollow in the middle for the water to run through.
  • A water container. You could also use a clay jar or any kind of enclosed container with a spout.
  • Plastic cover. You could use any plastic bag and tape it to the container using a packing tape.

Here is the illustration:

Rain Water Collector

by Fernando L. Cuevas Jr.