I don’t need to play games because I am an adult. I just need a phone that lasts for days on a single charge for email, messaging, voice calls, and essential backups, etc. So, I’ve been reading and studying about electronics, since smartphones are electronic devices, and found out that for the battery to last longer, you must have these specs:

Single-core Processor

Today, we have octa-cores already for faster processing. But, we do
not need this for office work. Multi-core CPUs only drain so much battery that are usually used for gaming.

Lesser Screen Pixels

We don’t need more pixels. I mean, my ordinary phone works and looks great without having ridiculous amount of pixels because this too can drain a lot of battery.

Cooling System (temperature)

Temperature could also affect processor speed. Having a better cooling system make the CPU run with higher voltage without destroying the phone.

Big Battery Capacity

I don’t care of chunky-looking smartphone. What I need is a bigger battery for more capacity.

Newer, More Efficient Operating System (OS)

Upgrading to a new OS fixes bugs that slows down your phone. Newer versions mean faster, more reliable, and with the new Android, lesser bloatware and more of the essentials.

To sum it up, a single-core processor, lesser pushing pixels, a design-focused cooling system, bigger battery, and a more efficient Android without bloatware, makes a phone that is easier to get our jobs done.