I was watching Puffin Rock on Netflix (because I am studying cartoon animation) episode entitled, “Pond Life,” when I noticed a situation when Oona dug a ditch from the pond to save the tadpoles in a puddle.
Hhhmm, I wonder if we could dig ditches beside roads that leads to the sea, we could keep the roads from flooding and let rescue efforts be more effective and faster.

Here is an example I got from Google images:

digging ditches alongside roads

cat crossing bridge over the ditch

However funny it may seem, it is an elegant solution on putting bridges across ditches when sidewalks are non-existent. Our country doesn’t even have decent sidewalks and when you are going to dig ditches, then it may be a problem since there are stores alongside roads.

Maybe, it depends on designing these things but it seems simple, cost effective and easy enough than other options.