Actually, it’s just the same!

We all know that there are times when the Internet is slow and there are times it is fast (like 12 in the morning). But, when you send a message on Christmas Day, they will receive it on New Year’s Eve. Yes, I’m quite exaggerating but this is reality.

Therefore, to solve the traffic problem, you must schedule it since it is basically a timing problem.

For instance, after a busy intersection, the cars speeds up until the next intersection. Since there are no stops in between, they all stack up on the next traffic stop. Then, there’s your bumper to bumper traffic.

To solve this, you must put more stops in between like putting traffic lights, or traffic police.

Now, back to the Internet. Well, the best way is to observe first what time is fastest and when is the slowest. Hopefully, your friends and relatives will receive your greetings on Christmas Day.