What if you don’t want to be disturbed by loud sound emanating from the doorbell? Isn’t it cool to have a device that instead of sound it uses light to tell there’s someone at the door while you’re busy in your room?

I have invented a remote controlled doorbell that lights up when your
spouse or children can activate when they arrive. By using radio
signals, you can turn the light on or off.

Here is a video demo:

What I did was bought a cheap remote controlled car toy, and instead
turning on the motors, I attached it to a breadboard with resistors and
an LED. So, everytime I press the remote, it will light on, and depress
to turn the light off.

Here are sample pictures:

LED Remote Doorbell

LED Remote Doorbell 2

However simple it may seem, it needs a lot more than this. It needs
encrypted signals like on your phones to make it secure. And, it needs
to have a smaller scale for convenience and portability like a keychain.

Suggestions I could make is to have a companion app that sends you
SMS, or notifications. But, this may cost extra and defeat it’s purpose.

Anyway, I hope you liked it and please share this website to others because it gives me motivation to invent more! Thank You!