I’ve been evangelizing people about how practical the Apple watch is because of its health related features (even if I don’t own one). I’ve seen people using it and praising it for its health benefits by keeping you fit, and monitor your body for vital signs such as: calories, blood pressure, heart rate, sugar levels, and more. But, these features is confined to watches such as the Apple watch.

What if, you build a smartphone with these features by putting in sensors? Why not? That will differentiate this phone from others and it will also be super useful and brings a lot of value to a common, ubiquitous smartphone that we bring everyday and everywhere.

I’m not against buying ‘another’ device dedicated to this, but it is kind of a an inconvenience bringing two devices and always charging it both.

So, I guess this is kind of a suggestion that make smartphones even do more and help others to be healthy and enjoy life.