Parachutes have been around since it was invented in the 1900s, which was patented by Stefan Banic and later sold the patent to the U.S. military. Stefan is a Slovakian who witnessed an airplane crash killing the pilot. This inspired him to put his inventive mind to use, and so made an umbrella-like parachute that reduces drag when falling from the sky and landing the person to safety. It was once thought that some people saw him jump in a barn wearing a skirt, which is what they would have thought and find it funny. Most people invent things to make money, which this man thought he would like before, but after a plane crashed in his sight, it changed him. He invented this not for money, but to save lives.

Well, I thought if you want to save the lives of crashing commercial airplanes, then at least put several parachutes at the back. The running engine that will push the parachutes from air, which will help reduce the drag and land the airplane to safety:

Airplane Parachutes

Fernando L. Cuevas Jr.