We all know what we’ve read and heard: Ransomware the scourge that cost the world 10 Billion dollars. This menace should be solved because it’s causing widespread havoc in our offices and personal lives; it’s causing us to be scared, losing trust in the miracle of the Internet age.

The World Wide Web, or Internet should be the answer to almost all question you desire to ask. It must help us learn and open our eyes to a world of knowledge and truth. If that truth is bent, and if that knowledge is corrupted, then the Internet is doomed.

Ransomware is a form of malware that installs in our PCs and does terrible and irrevocable damage. Even if we paid the ransom, it is not certain if your computer will free up encrypted data and let us continue to move on to our lives. There MUST be a solution! Antivirus software is a step behind (well, not always), and it’s not always updated to catch these undisclosed, or undiscovered definitions, so its purpose is quite limited but kind of helpful.

Everyday, I sit with a hot coffee beside me while reading with my Kindle and found a solution with a different approach.

We all work in the office, and everyday we use specialized applications or tools that make us do our work. This maybe an Office Suite and some client-server application that we use to do our work everyday and nothing more.

I look at my Kindle, and I love how simple and easy to do its basic task: Read eBooks AND nothing more. Computers nowadays become a multi-purpose device that do all kinds of things because of “convergence.” We use computers to make documents, spreadsheets, presentations, play games, develop software, chat with our friends, etc. This made computers so valuable that it became a Swiss army knife of some sort. However, this brought some problems. Because it can run ANY software, it brought us to malware infections that cripple our machines turning it into a paper weight. Do you see what I’m getting at?

If computers in offices just runs the “essentials” and nothing more (like locking down) to very specific tasks, and can ONLY run the software we need, then it becomes more secure from outside attacks. We should make operating systems that are NOT full blown systems but rather, specialized, customized systems that run applications that only needed for us to do our work in offices.

I don’t think eBook readers will get infected since it’s literally locked-down to just reading eBooks. PCs that are locked-down to running, creating office documents only. PCs that are locked-down to reading email, and etc.

We can drive innovation here by inventing devices that do specific tasks only. And limiting devices doesn’t mean lost productivity but preventive measures that will keep our lives humming.


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