Elections are near and Americans go to the polls to elect leaders who will run the country. The only problem is hacking.

Hacking computers is an everyday problem that we see in the news. This maybe the airline industry, social media, e-commerce stores, and everything on the Internet. So, why not go offline?

In our country, we’ve been using paper to cast votes that led to deaths, cheating, fraud and months of delays. In short, it was a total chaos. Then later, the government moved to computerized voting that proved to be better and faster. It only took a day or two to know who won and no more deaths.

Now, the problem is hackers may compromise these machines without anyone knowing and the worse part is a candidate won which shouldn’t. A terrible consequence for the whole country.

I am a developer myself and knows much about technology. Why not invent a centralized machine that does only one thing that is count ballots. And, guard it like a bank. Which is not connected to the Internet but have a special network backbone. Thus, really makes it hard for hackers to infiltrate. The voting machines as well should be guarded and has a special key for individual voters given upon registration. Better yet, should have bio metrics like fingerprint scanners.

In conclusion, this solution is critical in protecting the people’s freedom and choosing leaders for the future of our country.

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