Data Collection For Kids

I saw a Youtube video about a company who makes electronic tags that captures everything an employee does and collect data for analysis. Using the tag, they can track if an employee is working, chatting, sitting, standing, idling everyday, and they use this in their offices.

That idea struck me.

What if we could use the same tracking tags to know where, what your kids are doing. Then, at night we could just login to a website where we can see our children’s activities for the day and if they are healthy, studying or just playing games. The data can be represented by pie charts and graphs where we can improve the child’s well-being and know if they are sick, stressed out, bullied, etc.

Therefore, in conclusion, data collection is not evil per se because we can be responsible parents to our small children in order for them to grow healthy mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Invent Something Awesome For 2019

Happy New Year! Ain’t that awesome? Here we are surviving at least to be MORE awesome in 2019!

I challenge you to invent something that will change the world. A machine, a song or even a poem to make people’s lives different (in a good way). Be Steve Jobs, be Nikola Tesla, be a hero! Saving the world is no easy task, but at least we’ve enjoyed the journey towards progress.

Invent to prosper!

Water Pipe Electric Generator

This is not a special water pipe, I’m talking about the ordinary water pipes that is used by a city to distribute tap water. And, this is not the small pipes around the house, I’m talking about the huge pipes that engineers made for water distribution in the city.

Why water pipes? Water is pumped through these pipes so we could use it. It uses pressure to push through water and uses electricity. So, how can it produce electricity?

Just like windmill generators, it uses the same concept on generating electricity by using a motor that generates current when the armature inside the the turbine rotates between two polar field magnets. Now, by using the same turbine, you can put this to apply it on water pipes to generate electricity. And, you are talking about 24-hour, round-the-clock electricity for the whole city.

water pipe turbine


The Story About Privacy

This is a hot topic since the Cambridge Analytica scandal and people around the world are wondering if privacy is still a human right.

I was playing a PC game called, “Orwell” and it answers some difficult questions that raises from its plot and even gives you a view on how surveillance is done. In this game, you are a state operative whose job is to get information about a suspect, listen to conversations, view their emails, and read messages in order to help the police digest these data and make decisions or warrant an arrest for those suspects and even save citizens from another bomb explosion or terror act. It will compel you to conclude that surveillance IS necessary to bring justice and save lives. But, the catch is the terror suspects in the game became radical of a group that protested state surveillance and thus led to their criminal acts.

So, it brings us to the question, “Is state surveillance can be trusted?” If there are criminals who would do harm and we seek help from authorities to avoid fatalities then it is. On the other hand, if the state is oppressive, and corrupt, it is hard to imagine how surveillance from the crooked can help the citizens who are honest and thus result to exploitation and injustice.

Then I guess, the solution might be you.

People have the right to be free, free what they wanted to be, but not free to do anything. There are just things that we cannot and should not do, thus the ten commandments. Ten commandments are crude in a sense it’s for a time and age that don’t have privacy issues in a massive scale. Therefore, comes the New commands. In the new testament, it is written that we should mind our own business. Nobody should invade the privacy of others because we don’t want to be invaded ourselves and it’s also applicable on-line. Breaking a person’s privacy is like walking on the street naked; we don’t want others to know things we don’t want others to know. Pictures of your secret girl friend, exchanges between couples’ problems, or hiding the number of your business accounts. Sometimes, we want to keep it between ourselves, and sometimes we want to be more transparent. Social media has given us the tools that is very powerful and so can be dangerous if used unwisely.

Now, the only way to keep their business from our own business is to control ourselves. We should be careful and vigilant at all times when on-line because what is on-line is a mirror of our face.

Call to Action: Invent something that will protect us from surveillance for nefarious purposes and protect us from the avalanche of IoT (Internet of Things) devices.