Car Revolution

We need a car revolution! Not the cars we see everyday submerged on streets after a hurricane, but cars that drive even on water.

Floods are devastating. Financially, physically and mentally people are exhausted by the sheer devastation that wreak havoc in our place called home. We don’t know if we could still tolerate these disasters every time rain lands on our feet. Should we just ignore it and always flee from our problems? Or, are we going to solve this head on and make lives safer?

We all have watched those old flicks about how car pioneers created unusual inventions that can run on land and on water. They call it “amphibious vehicles,” at that time like frogs that can live on land and on water. These vehicles were not really useful in those years, but years have changed.

Now, we need these kinds of vehicles. We need cars that float and navigate on water. We need cars that seem funny in those days, but today it’s serious business.

Every Invention Has A Purpose

Go to a mall and you’ll see what it means. Tons and tons of products of all sizes and shapes littered across shops and kiosks wanting to be owned and perhaps loved? Is there a product in your life that changed your life and how you live? A “miracle” product that you can’t live without (yeah, besides your phone)?

As ridiculous as it may seem, these products have a purpose. A purpose that even a single buyer would need and something they would cherish and share with others (or, be selfish because it’s so good).

In reality, over my lifetime, I’ve accumulated so much junk. Usually, anything about gadgets for computers (since I’m techie). However, I don’t just use it once and throw it away that’s unhealthy! I just keep it aside and after years of neglect, and rummaging for something to use in my cabinet, I always do rediscover something I can use now. It’s like a “eureka” moment. “Hey, I didn’t know I have one!” Then, put it aside for another decade.

Products are a result of a dream. A dream that someday people will buy it, earn a living, be popular and live a life of happiness. But, happiness eludes us not because of the product, but the people you cared for whom you share it with lost that dream.

So, keep on dreaming (and praying). 🙂

Vitamin Tablets As Food

Sometimes it’s hard to reach people who are affected by floods or natural calamities. Roads are blocked and impassable for aid to come through, and it’s expensive to hire airplanes. So, how can we send aid to those people?

I saw a video on Gates Notes showing a drone dropping supplies to Africans who needed vaccines to combat deadly diseases, which are difficult to reach since they are located on a remote area, a village. Vaccines needed to be kept at correct temperature and travel should be quick enough to avoid getting spoiled, and so they used a small drone.

I think we can use this technology to help organizations to send not only vaccines, but vitamin tablets that can replace real food for sustenance in order to survive. I mean, astronauts don’t eat barbecues in space station right? In order for them to survive, they need sustenance and they get this from drinking tablets, which makes them nourished for months without eating real food.

I guess, they needed to formulate the right nutrients packed in tablet form for emergency use, thus helping organizations like the Red Cross to rescue and give aid to people in much need of assistance.

Why One Logins Are Unsafe

Remember the mantra, “Don’t use the same passwords on different websites.” Now, here we are using the same logins (ahem) for apps, games, and websites. Somehow, we are foolish enough to fall prey to convenience rather than security standpoint. We are now seeing news of rogue developers taking advantage of this exploit and putting it on public servers for everyone to see. It’s just ugly.

One log-ins are easy to exploit for third-party developers. When you log-in to an app, game or website, they record your keystrokes and save it elsewhere. Then, they use this information to log-in to your social networking websites. They got your email, and they got your password!

Of course, I will not leave you without giving good advice. You should buy a good password manager for your devices that do not save in the cloud, and only for offline use. Password managers are necessities and critical for a safe digital life for everyone in the information age.

Programmable Physical Keyboard Shortcuts With Selfie Camera

If only you could make a smartphone case with a physical keyboard that can be programmed as shortcuts. For example, when launching YouTube and Messenger, press on a single button and it will launch those apps at the same time. Or, program it to say a greeting on social media apps automatically. And maybe you could buy an item on Amazon at the press of a button!

I know there are existing apps that can do this, but physical buttons are much more tactile and provide you with easier access. Moreover, virtual keyboards just gobble up the screen.

For fun, why not include a selfie camera so you can remove those annoying notches, punch holes, and teardrops! And since it’s a case, it provides protection from drops, scratches, with water-proofing and wireless charging!

Data Collection For Kids

I saw a Youtube video about a company who makes electronic tags that captures everything an employee does and collect data for analysis. Using the tag, they can track if an employee is working, chatting, sitting, standing, idling everyday, and they use this in their offices.

That idea struck me.

What if we could use the same tracking tags to know where, what your kids are doing. Then, at night we could just login to a website where we can see our children’s activities for the day and if they are healthy, studying or just playing games. The data can be represented by pie charts and graphs where we can improve the child’s well-being and know if they are sick, stressed out, bullied, etc.

Therefore, in conclusion, data collection is not evil per se because we can be responsible parents to our small children in order for them to grow healthy mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.