Invent Something Awesome For 2019

Happy New Year! Ain’t that awesome? Here we are surviving at least to be MORE awesome in 2019!

I challenge you to invent something that will change the world. A machine, a song or even a poem to make people’s lives different (in a good way). Be Steve Jobs, be Nikola Tesla, be a hero! Saving the world is no easy task, but at least we’ve enjoyed the journey towards progress.

Invent to prosper!

Water Pipe Electric Generator

This is not a special water pipe, I’m talking about the ordinary water pipes that is used by a city to distribute tap water. And, this is not the small pipes around the house, I’m talking about the huge pipes that engineers made for water distribution in the city.

Why water pipes? Water is pumped through these pipes so we could use it. It uses pressure to push through water and uses electricity. So, how can it produce electricity?

Just like windmill generators, it uses the same concept on generating electricity by using a motor that generates current when the armature inside the the turbine rotates between two polar field magnets. Now, by using the same turbine, you can put this to apply it on water pipes to generate electricity. And, you are talking about 24-hour, round-the-clock electricity for the whole city.

water pipe turbine


Raspberry Pi Like Laptop

I’ve been dabbling previously with a Raspberry Pi single-board computer, and amazed on how this tiny computer can do so many things. You can add sensors like temperature sensor to monitor the environment and record this in a file where you can review its data. Or, you can attach a servo so you can turn on the light switch by Tweeting a command online, anywhere!

The only problem is it is a mini desktop and you need to plug it in an electrical outlet. Therefore, portability is a problem.

An idea just switched on me since Raspberry Pi is an Internet Of Things computer, why not create a laptop that has IO board you can attach to a USB port or Thunderbolt ports, and you can now use this laptop just like a Raspberry Pi!

This is super useful for students and teachers alike, and it would be great to do so much more and even save the world!

Vertical-Axis, Stacked Wind Turbine

This is a vertical-axis wind turbine that rotates in different wind direction, thus ensuring electricity generation efficiently. You can stack this into three per pole to provide more energy and saving space. Materials for this is cheaper using plastics, which is lighter for stability and easier deployment.

Here is a render:

Vertical Axis Stacked Wind Turbine

As you can see, the upper half of the sketch is just tilted vertically to view the scale of the turbine. The bottom half of the render shows the side view and the top view.

This is basically the same principle as the weather apparatus used to measure wind speed.


Fernando L. Cuevas Jr.


Replaceable 9-Volt Battery LED Light Science Project

LED lights and lamps you buy have rechargeable batteries inside, and I must say that it’s a pain to replace them. After how many charging cycles and even though it still works, you just throw the whole lamp away and causing so much waste of resources. So, why not use the LED lamp that lasts using a changeable battery you buy almost everywhere?

I bought a cheap LED flashlight that works great and replaced the rechargeable battery with a 9-volt Eveready battery. Simple enough.

9 Volt Replaceable Battery

LED Light Turned On


I hope this would help manufacturers design a rechargeable battery that can be replaced easily and make even more affordable.

by Fernando L. Cuevas Jr




Harnessing Radio Waves For Electricity

Radio waves are also electricity didn’t you notice? Waves that travel on air to your phones or AM/FM radios by capturing it to an antenna. So, by creating a smaller “radio” transmitter for your home, you can also wireless charge your devices.

A UK firm has also discovered this and developed this idea using multi-band antennas to capture different “radio stations,” to increase the electricity harvested, for low-energy IoT (Internet of Things).

Click here:

This is exciting times since by this you can wonder how this technology could change our lives by using “free” electricity. Just as Nikola Tesla (the inventor) has envisioned. It’s like that movie where Doctor Octavius wants to harness the energy of the man-made sun to provide cheap electricity for the whole world. Not a lofty goal but perhaps a crazy one (haha).