Invent Something Awesome For 2019

Happy New Year! Ain’t that awesome? Here we are surviving at least to be MORE awesome in 2019!

I challenge you to invent something that will change the world. A machine, a song or even a poem to make people’s lives different (in a good way). Be Steve Jobs, be Nikola Tesla, be a hero! Saving the world is no easy task, but at least we’ve enjoyed the journey towards progress.

Invent to prosper!

Solving The Traffic Problem Using Mobile Apps

The traffic problem is getting worse. As population rise, traffic will become an everyday issue for all of us. Transportation is key to economic growth that is why governments spend huge amounts of money to build bigger roads, sky ways and having electric trains for the future.

So how exactly a mobile app can solve the traffic problem? One word: “Crowdsourcing.” By harnessing the crowd, we can make data be useful and powerful information on how we decide where to go.

As we where coming home from a mall, I noticed an app used by drivers to know which roads are having heavy congestion and which aren’t. So, I asked him how this is possible? He told me that there are buttons which they press to alert all drivers (using the app) where there is low, medium and heavy traffic, and only registered drivers can use this added feature. I was thinking back then that there is already an existing solution to an ubiquitous dilemma.

Therefore, let’s say we design two mobile apps, one for traffic enforcers, and one for the drivers. The app for traffic enforces presses a button about the status of his current location designated to him/her. This data goes to the headquarters for monitoring all of the traffic status on a map. Then, this gives the drivers important information which way to go to their destination. It can also give the time of arrival, if the roads are inundated with floods, road accidents data, and maybe a nationwide breaking news notifications.

This is an effective and most affordable solution that is already existing and proven that governments may adopt to solve traffic crisis.

Plastic Bicycle

I’ve always love riding a bike because it’s exhilarating and fun. It’s also a good exercise to warm up your cardio and even load up some groceries on your way home. But, you’ve seen them all. They are all made up of metal iron parts. The problem is it’s heavy and you can’t bring it anywhere where you can’t ride it. A better approach is to use plastics as its material. Plastics are durable nowadays and very light. You can even use colored plastics that light up at night. You can make it modular where you can just break it apart into smaller bits (3D printed?) Even an electric one?

Anyway, a good idea which I hope will be put to good use.

Turning Cars

This is how cars should turn. You can fit in cramped spaces and park easily. I think controlling the car’s steering wheels electronically is much safer than controlling it mechanically. Computations are much more exact than mechanical steering which causes a lot of accidents.

Raspberry Pi Robots! Looks so cool that kids will love.

Internet Traffic vs Road Traffic

Actually, it’s just the same!

We all know that there are times when the Internet is slow and there are times it is fast (like 12 in the morning). But, when you send a message on Christmas Day, they will receive it on New Year’s Eve. Yes, I’m quite exaggerating but this is reality.

Therefore, to solve the traffic problem, you must schedule it since it is basically a timing problem.

For instance, after a busy intersection, the cars speeds up until the next intersection. Since there are no stops in between, they all stack up on the next traffic stop. Then, there’s your bumper to bumper traffic.

To solve this, you must put more stops in between like putting traffic lights, or traffic police.

Now, back to the Internet. Well, the best way is to observe first what time is fastest and when is the slowest. Hopefully, your friends and relatives will receive your greetings on Christmas Day.